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What is a theme?

A theme is not a prompt. Your submission does not have to include the word(s) in the theme but should evoke the idea.
Use the theme in any way you desire. You may use it like a prompt and include the words, but you can also interpret it as broadly as you desire.

Why do we have themes?

Themes get us going in all kinds of creative directions. Each month, the theme creates a common-ground starting place for us all.

Who makes up the themes?

You. Anyone can submit a theme. Please do so by sending us an email at flashfrontier [at] gmail [dot] com with the word THEME in the subject line. We’ll choose upcoming themes from your submissions.

What are the upcoming themes?

February 2016
250 word limit
International submissions accepted
April 2016
250 word limit
New Zealand submissions only

Go to our Submissions page and send us your story!

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