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Previous Awards and Nominations

Each year the Editors of Flash Frontier nominate outstanding stories from their pages for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net and the Best Small Fictions anthology.

We also sponsor a Flash Frontier writing award twice a year to the writer whose work stands out in our pages.

Prior to 2016, the following writers and stories have been proudly nominated from our pages.

Pushcart Prize Nominations


Gail Ingram, Whispers
Tina Barry, What’s All This
Eileen Merriman, Universe and Karl
Heather McQuillan, In the weekend we went to the beach
Steve Charters, Iron Man
Elizabeth Welsh, & some scenes together


Nod Ghosh, Decline (February)
Jane Swan, Eat Beetroot (April)
Emma Shi, Kalos (April)
Patrick Pink, Across the border, Icarus carries American dreams in his pockets  (September)
Elizabeth Morton, God, fallen: (September) 
Eileen Merriman, Three Minutes (September)


Reem Abu-Baker, There Was No reason
Rachel J Fenton, Dinghy
WF Lantry, Somnambulist
Derek Osborne, The  Night
Rebecca Simons, Gone to Sea
Kim Thomas, A Savage World


Sally Houtman, The sky on that day (March)
Tim Jones, Aftermath (April)
Jac Jenkins, Thin Places (May)
Martin Porter, Splinters (May)
Kathryn Jenkins, Leaving (July)
Leah McMenamin, Wanderings (July)

Best Small Fictions nominations

December 2015; for the 2016 volume

Gail Ingram, Whispers (February 2015)
Elizabeth Welsh, & some scenes together (February 2015)
Eileen Merriman, Universe and Karl (June 2015)
Allan Drew, The smell of it all (December 2015)
Jonathan Cardew, The Season for Persephone (December 2015)

December 2014; for the 2015 volume

Jane Swan, Eat Beetroot (April 2014) selected; read the book here [link:]
Emma Shi, Kalos (April 2014)
Nod Ghosh, Decline (February 2014)
Patrick Pink, Across the Border, Icarus carries American Dreams in his Pockets (September 2014)
Elizabeth Morton, God, fallen: (September 2014)

Best of the Net nominations


Elizabeth Morton, God, fallen: (September 2014’s falling issue)
Eileen Merriman, Universe and Karl (June 2015 shadows issue)


Helen Moat, Five Knots
Jane Swan, Eat Beetroot


Jaclyn Bergamino, Cicadas
Sally Houtman, The seasons, it is said

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