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Announcing Flash Frontier‘s 2015 Pushcart Prize nominations

Gail Ingram, Whispers

Tina Barry, What’s All This

Eileen Merriman, Universe and Karl

Heather McQuillan, In the weekend we went to the beach

Steve Charters, Iron Man

Elizabeth Welsh, & some scenes together

Congratulations to these writers! Thank you for sharing your work with us and our readers. These six stories stand out for their exceptional use of the form to portray seemingly fleeting moments that last.

Best Small Fictions 2015

Queen’s Ferry Press announces the launch of this year’s much anticipated Best Small Fictions collection, including 55 short short stories from international nominations. Jane Swan’s Flash Frontier story ‘Eat Beetroot’ is included.

Details here.

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2015 Best of the Net nominations

Congratulations to the following writers/stories for their nominations by the editors for the 2015 Best of the Net Awards:

Elizabeth Morton, God, fallen: (September 2014’s falling issue)

Eileen Merriman, Universe and Karl (June 2015 shadows issue)

Current issue and upcoming deadlines

Current issue: September’s science issue, guest edited by Tania Hershman and Kathy Fish; feature page with Hershman and Fish here.

November sky issue — deadline October 31

December micro issue (no theme, stories up to 100 words) — deadline November 30; with special Micro Madness Mad Hatters Nod Ghogh and Eileen Merriman reading submissions with editors Michelle Elvy and James Norcliffe

2015 Winter Writing Award

The 2015 Winter Writing Award goes to Eileen Merriman, who has been lighting up our pages consistently all year. Her work has appeared in each issue of 2015 and many before, and her stories take a new turn each time. Sometimes humourous, sometimes touching, sometimes oddball, her stories are always engaging and finely tuned. Her shadows story, ‘Universe and Karl’, demonstrates her outside-the-box thinking when it comes to flash and opens the June issue. Congratulations, Eileen!

We thank Jason Books in Auckland for supporting Flash Frontier and sponsoring this year’s writing awards series.

Flash on the Radio

Plains FM Radio: June 16. Morrin Rout talks with James Norcliffe and Nod Ghosh about flash in general plus NFFD, Flash Fiction Internationaland the Christchurch event on Monday. Listen here. 

Standing Room Only, Radio NZ: Micro Madness Mad Hatters Eileen Merriman and Nod Ghosh discuss the June series of micros on Standing Room Only, and stories by Sally Houtman, Patrick Pink and Heather McQuillan are read as well. Info and radio programme scheudule here. (We also see Flash Frontier contributor and poet Janis Freegard in this segment, too, with her new novel!)

New International Flash Anthology

NZ writers and Flash Frontier writers/ editors are featured in the UK NFFD 2015 anthology Landscapes. Alex Reece AbbottMichelle Elvy, Nod Ghosh, Kate Mahony and James Norcliffe. Be sure to check out this eclectic mix of flash with contributions from the UK, New Zealand, Australia, US, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. More info about the UK NFFD, including events, submissions opportunities and more, here.

Jane Swan featured in forthcoming international flash anthology

Congratulations to Jane Swan, whose Flash Frontier story ‘Eat Beetroot’ has been selected for inclusion in the forthcoming international anthology, Best Small Fictions, edited by Robert Olen Butler and published by Queen’s Ferry Press. Flash Frontier editors nominated five stories from our 2014 pages for this anthology — including works by Nod Ghosh, Patrick Pink, Emma Shi and Elizabeth Morton.

More about the anthology and a finalist list can be found here. The anthology will be published in September 2015.

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2014 Pushcart Prize nominations (Dec 2014)

A hearty congratulations to the nominees for the 2014 Pushcart Prize. We thank the following writers for their excellent contributions to our pages:

2014 Flash Frontier Summer Writing Award (December 2014)

Congratulations to Auckland area writer Patrick Pink for winning the 2014 Flash Frontier Summer Writing Award. Patrick’s stories have been featured in every issue of Flash Frontier since June — when his National Flash Fiction Day story, ‘Affirmation’, was the first flash he ever had published. Since then, Patrick has taken a bold and playful road, and each of his stories reflects his desire to experiment and find new expressions in flash. We applaud this writer for paying close attention to detail and tone — and we encourage him to keep going with his flash play. You can find Patrick’s latest story in the December 2014 issue of Flash Frontier.

Congratulations, Patrick Pink!

We thank Jason Books in Auckland for supporting Flash Frontier and sponsoring this year’s writing awards series.

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2014 Best of the Net nominations (Sept 2014)

Congratulations to the following writers/stories for their nominations by the editors for the 2014 Best of the Net Awards:

Helen Moat, Five Knots

Jane Swan, Eat Beetroot

2014 NFFD Competition Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 National Flash Fiction Day competition, whose stories are published in the July 2014 issue of Flash Frontier. Also a feature page with judges Frankie McMillan and Mary McCallum.

2014 Flash Frontier Winter Writing Award (June 2014)

Congratulations to Christchurch writer Nod Ghosh for winning the 2014 Flash Frontier Winter Writing Award. Nod has been featured in every issue of Flash Frontier this year, and many in previous years as well. Nod’s writing is always experimental and unique, pushing the boundaries of form and perspective. She is not afraid to take risks, and there is an energy and element of surprise that is distinctive to her work. Nod is an enthusiastic and sophisticated flash fiction writer. We applaud the innovation in her writing and the care she puts into her stories. You can find Nod’s latest story opening the June 2014 issue of Flash Frontier.

Congratulations, Nod Ghosh!

2013 Flash Frontier Summer Writing Award (December 2013)

We are pleased to announce the 2013 Summer Writing Award, which goes to Rebecca Simons. Rececca’s flashes have appeared in many of our issues since the beginning of this journal. You can read her most recent stories in the August, October and December 2013 issues, and her October story, ‘Gone to Sea’, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Rebecca’s style is noticeable for its compact appearance on the page, and for the way each story implies a lifetime of reality (pain, conflict, love — whatever the reality may be). We admire her for her consistency and her devotion to the form, and for the way she seeks to layer characters and their histories in such a small space.
Congratulations to Rebecca Simons!

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2013 Pushcart Prize nominations (Dec 2013)

A hearty congratulations to the nominees for the 2013 Pushcart Prize. We thank the following writers for their excellent contributions to our pages:

Reem Abu-Baker, There Was No reason

Rachel J Fenton, Dinghy

WF Lantry, Somnambulist

Derek Osborne, The  Night

Rebecca Simons, Gone to Sea

Kim Thomas, A Savage World

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2013 Best of the Net nominations (Sept 2013)

Congratulations to the following writers/stories for their nominations by the editors for the 2013 Best of the Net Awards:

Jaclyn Bergamino, Cicadas

Sally Houtman, The seasons, it is said

Announcing Flash Frontier’s 2013 Winter Award (June 2013)

Rachel Fenton is the winner of Flash Frontier’s 2013 Winter Award for excellence in writing. Rachel’s work embraces experimentation and risks and explores the ways flash fiction can be one of the most expressive forms on the page. Her stories have appeared many times at Flash Frontier, and each time they surprise and delight. We applaud Rachel for the way in which she approaches writing with a sense of humour and a sense of the challenges inherent in the flash fiction form.

Congratulations to Rachel Fenton!

2012 Pushcart Prize nominees (Dec 2012)

We’re pleased to announce that six stories were nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2012. Congratulations to the following Flash Frontier contributors:

Sally Houtman, The sky on that day (March)

Tim Jones, Aftermath (April)

Jac Jenkins, Thin Places (May)

Martin Porter, Splinters (May)

Kathryn Jenkins, Leaving (July)

Leah McMenamin, Wanderings (July)

More on the Pushcart Prize can be found here.

Fourth Quarter 2012 Award: Vivienne Merrill

Vivienne Merrill is the winner of Flash Frontier’s fourth quarterly award. Her stories  include a variety of approaches to flash fiction, and range in topic — from domestic disharmony to mythical mysteries. We’ve been continuously impressed by her submissions, and her willingness to approach the themes with creativity and warmth. We were glad to see her stories time and again in 2012.

Congratulations to Vivienne Merrill, fourth quarter award winner.

First Quarter 2012 Award: Matthew Zela

Second Quarter 2012 Award: Sally Houtman

Third Quarter 2012 Award: Anonymous_Author©

More, in interviews

With Flash Frontier editors at Flash Fiction World  and at Six Questions

Sally Houtman in the Fictionaut Five series

Michelle Elvy in Christopher Allen’s expat author series

Tim Jones with Rachel J Fenton

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