Submissions now open

In 2015 we are reading and publishing on a bi-monthly basis. Each issue follows a theme. See our Themes and Announcements pages for details. Also see Archives to read past issues and get a feel for stories we publish.

All issues contain stories up to 250 words. Except for the December 2015 micro issue, which will include stories up to 100 words (excluding title).

What we like

We like stories up to 250 words, but for the December 2015 issue we’ll be featuring micros of 100 words.

We are looking for variety and originality. Tickle us, haunt us, gobsmack us. Choose your words carefully and leave our readers wanting more. And do it in a small space.

Please submit only previously unpublished works. If the work has appeared in any other print or electronic journal, we consider it published. If it has appeared on a writing workshop site, we will consider it but please do let us know, and we expect Flash Frontier to be credited with first publication if your work appears in our pages.

We love original art in all forms — colourful and daring, muted and understated. We’ll choose art each month which reflects the theme.

How to submit


  • Electronic submissions only. Submit submissions in an email to: flashfrontier [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Write Submission: month / theme (that is, name the theme, as in: Submission: January / Frontiers) in the subject line.
  • Place your story in the body of the email. No attachments, please. If your story requires unusual formatting, the editors may ask for an different kind of document to confirm your formatting requirements.
  • Include the title of your story, your name, and the whole text in the email.
  • Please format your story by using double spacing between paragraphs and no indent on paragraph beginnings.
  • Provide a brief biographical sketch (approx. 60 words) about yourself that can be included on our Contributor page. You do not have to include your bio if you have submitted to us before.
  • Submissions are due by the last day of the month for the following month’s issue. Each issue will appear mid-month.
  • Remember to count: 251 won’t be accepted.
  • Here’s a handful of style guide tips; following these makes it much easier on the editors when your story is being formatted for an issue:

1. single spacing with double spaced between paragraphs
2. no paragraph indents
3. no fancy fonts — anything plain will do
4. double speech marks around quoted material; single speech marks for a single word, as in: proofreading makes everything look ‘right’.
5. single space between sentences — please! See nifty article here, with explanation of why we used to use double spaces. If you are typesetting on a an old-timey typewriter, we’ll let this one slide; otherwise, please remove those pesky extra spaces.

  • If you are submitting art, please send your work(s) as an attachment. Provide a title for the piece and tell us where the artwork originated. Artists may send up to five pieces for consideration at once.
  • Please provide a brief commentary (approx. 60 words) about your art submission.
  • Provide a brief biographical sketch (approx. 60 words) about yourself that can be included on our Contributor page. You do not have to include your bio if you have submitted to us before.

Payment and Rights

  • We do not pay authors for their work, but there will be prizes awarded quarterly and at the conclusion of our first year.
  • An author must own full copyright of the work submitted.
  • First rights revert to author upon publication, although Flash Frontier reserves the right to anthologize material originally published here in electronic or printed format.

Please direct any questions to us at flashfrontier [at] gmail [dot] com

11 thoughts on “Submissions

    • Hi Deryn,

      Whilst we love poetry here at Flash Frontier and definitely see a connection between the two genres of flash and poetry, we’d like to stick with flash at this venue for the time being – but do stayed tuned in case things change in the future.

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  2. Hi
    I’m sorry for sounding a little slow; however, I need a gentle walk through regarding the monthly theme.
    If I were to submit an entry at the end of this month, to be considered for publication during the following month, do I use the theme listed under the month I’m submitting in, or the theme from the month ahead, i.e. if I’m intending to submit before Sep 30 which theme do I use Falling or Heroes?

    • Hi Steve and thanks for the question. The themes are related to the month of publication. So the next theme — HEROES — is for the November issue, which means you have till October 31 to submit. The submissions for the FALLING issue (Sept) closed on Aug 31 and we’re putting that issue together now. Hope that helps clarify — and enjoy the writing!

      If you need more details, feel free to send a note to us at flashfrontier [at] gmail [dot’ com.

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